What We Do

Hire Brute Crackers is a very smart and top rated hacking company our hacking is the fastest, we have the latest hacking tools and skill. A test will make you want to do more, bring in your hacking jobs so we can make life better for ourselves, here are some of the lists of our specialties

1.increasing and repairing your credit score
2.Bitcoin mining and generation, increasing of bitcoin in your wallet
3.Website hacking ( companies, government agencies, cooperatives)
4.Email hacking {gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.}
5.Social Media hacking {Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,WeChat,WhatsApp,skype etc}
6.Mobile hacking, {phone cloning,mobile tracking,mobile monitoring}
7.Network hacking, {Database system hack, password hacks, passwords retrieval}
8.Score upgrade (company interview, university,college,high school,medical college , SAT, TOFEL,GRE e.t.c)
9.Removal of name from driving record and clearing of criminal record


1. Hire a hacker to help protect your children from cyber predators. Our professional hackers can find the source and help close the case on any investigation. Hire a Hacker now!

2. Everyone loses a password at some point. We help crack/recover passwords from computers, mobile & wireless devices, E-mail accounts, Facebook, and more! Hire a hacker now!
Has your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account been attacked by a hacker? Do you need to get back into a social media account? A Professional Hacker Can Help!
Any email is hack able and we can get in and recover your passwords. Hire a professional hacker to recover your personal data. Hire an Email hacker now!
Our professional hackers can encrypt any data and help protect sensitive information from any hacker who might try to hack your systems. Hire a hacker now!

No matter what your hacking needs, we can get it done in a professional and timely manner. With round the clock support, you can reach one of our Ethical Hackers or our staff quickly and get your project started.


Our service list outlines as follows

1.Change School Grade
2.Spy hacking/gathering evidence

  1. Profession promotional exams questions
  2. Bank, wire transfers…
  3. Apple ID track
  4. Website crashed hack
  5. Server crashed hack
  6. Sales of Spyware and Keylogger software
  7. Retrieval of lost file/documents
    10. All kinds of mobile phone hack
    11. Credit score repair
    12. Sales of Dumps cards of all kinds
    13. Untraceable IP
    14. Individual Computers Hack
    15. Money Transfer
    16. Crediting
    17. SQL database penetration